Resources: Whitepapers and Analyst Reports

Obstacles and Priorities on the Journey to the Software-Defined Data Center

An Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Research Report

This EMA research study surveyed 235 "visionary" companies to demystify and dissect the SDDC concept from a technical, process, organizational and cultural perspective.

EMA Radar™ for Private Cloud Platforms: Q1 2013

Vendor to Watch: Convirture

EMA believes that Convirture deserves more time in the spotlight due, to the product’s tremendous virtualization and cloud orchestration, and automation capabilities.

Convirture Creates Cloud Path from Open Source Virtualiztaion

451 Market Insight Service, Sept. 2011

Convirture, a commercial supporter of the alternative to VMware virtualization – typically Linux and Xen or KVM open source hypervisors – is making the case for cloud computing made easy through virtualization.

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