Self-Service Provisioning and Service Catalog For VMware

What if you could quickly and easily deliver self-service to your customers from your existing VMware infrastructure?

In this webinar, we will demonstrate an easy-to-use, lightweight self-service capability that overlays your existing VMware farm - no new infrastructure required. It lets administrators delegate compute resources to business customers, and lets those business customers provision and manage the compute resources via a web-based self-service console. We will show you how you can deliver self-service access to your VMware resources in 30 minutes by orchestrating the following process:
  • Pool virtualized compute, network and storage resources into a local cloud
  • Delegate resources to your business customers
  • Enable business customers to self-service provision and manage VMs
  • Enforce quotas and monitor usage
Join us and learn how to transform your VMware environment into a quota-managed, self-service resource in 30 minutes!

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