Evolve To A Hybrid Cloud Model Using Your Existing Infrastructure

VMware is king of the enterprise data center, but has a lot to prove in the cloud. Amazon Web Services rules in public clouds, but lacks credibility for mission-critical enterprise applications. In the end, you need the ability to deploy your applications to a variety of on- and off-premises infrastructures, based on a well-defined set of requirements, governance and policy rules.

In this webinar, Convirture CEO Arsalan Farooq describes an evolutionary, multi-platform approach to providing hybrid cloud services by extending existing VMware and Amazon EC2 infrastructure. In the second half of the webinar, Dan Maier, Convirture's VP of Marketing takes you through a quick demo of ConVirt, showing how these features work today, including:
  • Manage VMware and Amazon infrastructure from a single unified management tool
  • Convert VMware virtual servers into a private cloud, with full support for self service, quota management and multi-tenancy
  • Enforce user and quota management for your Amazon accounts
  • Provision your customers via ConVirt’s self-service “Virtual Data Centers”

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