High Availability and Automation for KVM and Xen

Open source hypervisors – KVM and Xen – are exploding in the marketplace as enterprise-class, open virtualization alternatives. So why are you still managing these mission critical virtualization platforms with scripts and homegrown tools?

ConVirt is a powerful virtualization management platform for administering, automating and scaling your KVM and Xen infrastructures. Join us in this webinar to we will show how you can easily leverage:
  • Centralized Management - full VM lifecycle management, including a centralized web-based console, multi-administrator environment, template-based provisioning, and live migration.
  • High Availability - ConVirt's unique, lightweight HA mechanism provides cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages.
  • Advanced Automation - dynamic, policy-based workload management, maintenance mode, annotations, and other advanced automation features allow you to leverage your admin resources and scale your operations.
Join us today for this online presentation and demo, and learn how you can easily add the advanced automation and scalability features you need to run large scale or mission critical virtualization environments!

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