Solution: Unified Management

ConVirt provides a single pane of glass that allows you to centrally administer, automate and orchestrate your compute infrastructure across multiple virtualization and cloud environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and Amazon Web Services.

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Data Center Fragmentation - Inefficient, Complex and Error Prone

Data center administrators are struggling to manage multiple hypervisor silos and private cloud initiatives. The adoption of public cloud resources like AWS outside the data center is only making the problem worse. Down in the trenches, administration is splintered across a huge number of tools and technologies, making day-to-day management inefficient, unnecessarily complex and error prone. This dramatically limits IT’s agility, makes troubleshooting a nightmare, and keeps costs high.

This is why we developed ConVirt, a unified management platform that bridges virtualization and cloud platforms, and pools resources to fix this fragmentation problem. With ConVirt you can:
  • Manage your virtualized and cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass
  • Manage, monitor and troubleshoot the full VM lifecycle
  • Automate and orchestrate your infrastructure based on policy

The ConVirt Solution

ConVirt enables you to break down the silos that exist across your heterogeneous virtualization, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure. With ConVirt you can pool, automate and orchestrate your heterogeneous resources to eliminate your fragmentation problems:

Manage Your Virtualized and Cloud Infrastructure From a Single Pane of Glass
ConVirt provides a single consistent view of your data center across heterogeneous hypervisor and cloud platforms from a single web-based console. By normalizing functionality across these platforms up to a “highest common denominator” level, ConVirt can apply a standard set of management capabilities across them, making it easier for your IT staff to scale and providing a viable “second source” option to reduce your costs. And ConVirt allows you to leverage and apply your existing enterprise user access controls across all platforms with a powerful RBAC model. ConVirt brings together not just your virtualization infrastructure (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen), but also extends your data center management out to the cloud (OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and Amazon Web Services).

Manage, Monitor and Troubleshoot the Full VM Lifecycle
ConVirt allows you to provision, configure, and monitor virtual machines at the server pool level, including shared storage and networks. You can fully administer all the virtual machines in your environments from a single web-based console, including create, start, stop, snapshot, launch console, and de-commission VMs. And ConVirt enables you to share responsibility for managing the virtualized environment between multiple administrators while maintaining full accountability - each administrator has his or her own login, and all of the actions they perform are being continuously audited.

Automate and Orchestrate Your Infrastructure Based on Policy
ConVirt offers a powerful set of automation and orchestration features that provide high levels of productivity, adherence to standards, faster deployments, and lower operating costs.
  • Template-based Provisioning - ConVirt takes a templates-based approach to server provisioning, letting you standardize your virtualized environments. Using ConVirt’s out-of-the-box templates or your own reference images, you can associate shared storage, define network parameters, and allocate CPU and memory to a template. Once you have a template defined, you can provision it onto a new or existing server with a single click.
  • Server Pool-based Management - ConVirt simplifies server pool management by letting you monitor, provision, and configure virtual machines at the server pool level. For example, you can apply pool-wide configuration and provisioning policies, and associate shared storage with a pool of servers.
  • High Availability - ConVirt has built a unique, lightweight high availability mechanism that lets you quickly configure HA for your server pools with an easy-to-use wizard. ConVirt HA provides cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized IT environment.
  • Dynamic Workload Management - ConVirt automates workload placement and live migration based on policies, intelligently placing and dynamically re-allocating compute resources across your server pools to help you meet your performance SLAs and power consumption cost objectives.
  • Backup & Restore - ConVirt has a flexible, policy-based backup and restore capability that provides scheduled, policy-based backup; fast, reliable recovery; and centralized monitoring and visibility.
  • Storage Configuration - ConVirt automates the configuration of all storage types, including NFS, iSCSi, Fibre Channel, AOE and LVM. All you need to do is associate storage resources with a server pool, and ConVirt will automatically configure each physical server within the pool to access the shared storage.
  • Network Configuration - ConVirt provides a centralized interface for managing your virtual networks. You can define virtual host private networks or VLANs that span multiple servers in the server pool, and let ConVirt automatically do the required configuration, such as network bridge setup.
  • Virtualization-to-Cloud Conversion - If you already have virtualization deployed in your data center, you have all the technology you need to run a private cloud. With a few simple clicks you can designate which parts of your existing infrastructure (server pools, networks, storage, and templates) should be used for the cloud deployment, and ConVirt will orchestrate these resources into a cloud-base Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • Virtual Data Centers - ConVirt’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) is an easy-to-use, lightweight self-service capability that lets administrators delegate compute resources to business customers, and lets those business customers provision and manage the compute resources via a web-based self-service console.
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