Solution: Self Service Virtualization

ConVirt Virtual Data Centers provide an easy and flexible way for IT organizations to offer quota-managed self-service access to their existing VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, and AWS infrastructure.

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Deliver Self-Service Without Adding New Infrastructure

In many enterprises, business units trying to deliver new applications have become frustrated by a lack of speed and agility in their IT organizations. Driven by competitive pressures to be responsive to customers and markets, more and more of these business customers are turning away from their IT organizations and looking to the public cloud to get the services they need.

How should IT organizations respond? One approach is to provide business customers with self-service access to enterprise compute resources in the data center. Up to now, this has required IT to set up a whole new private cloud infrastructure, with all the investment, silos and fragmentation this implies. But what if you could quickly and easily deliver self-service to your customers from your existing virtualization infrastructure?

This is why we developed ConVirt’s Virtual Data Center (VDC), an easy-to-use, lightweight self-service capability that overlays your existing virtualization - no new infrastructure required. It lets administrators delegate compute resources to business customers, and lets those business customers provision and manage the compute resources via a web-based self-service console.

The ConVirt Solution

ConVirt makes it easy to deliver self-service access to data center virtualization resources by orchestrating the following process:
  • Pool virtualized compute, network and storage resources into a local cloud
  • Delegate resources to your business customers
  • Enable business customers to self-service provision and manage VMs
  • Enforce quotas and monitor usage
Pool Virtualized Compute Resources Into A Local Cloud
The first step in adding self service is to convert your virtualization infrastructure into a local cloud. To do this in ConVirt, an IaaS entity needs to be defined. With a few simple clicks, ConVirt’s IaaS wizard allows you to designate which parts of your existing infrastructure (server pools, networks, storage, and templates) should be used for the cloud deployment, then generates the IaaS.

Delegate Quota-Controlled Resources to Your Business Customers
The next step in adding self service is to delegate some of these IaaS resources to your business customers. To do this in ConVirt, you create a Virtual Data Center (VDC), which allows customer administrators to use the IaaS cloud capacity without knowing any details about the underlying physical infrastructure. With a few simple clicks, ConVirt’s VDC wizard allows you to define the compute, template, storage and networks resources that will be made available, the quota limit for each resource, and the authorized users/administrators of the VDC. ConVirt automatically assembles the VDC based on your selections.

Enable Business Customers to Self-Service Provision and Manage VMs
Once the Virtual Data Center is created, authorized users/administrators will be able to access and manage the environment from ConVirt's web-based console. Users/administrators are able to do things like create Virtual Machines; create networks (if configured at the time of VDC creation); start, stop and connect to Virtual Machines; delete/destroy Virtual Machines; and reserve a public IP address and associate it to a Virtual Machine.

Monitor Quotas and Usage
The ConVirt console allows customer admins to continuously monitor their resource consumption and usage versus quota. Admins can search for a specific entity, sort by CPU usage to find virtual machines that are most utilized, look for virtual machines with highest resource allocations, and much more. Detailed usage data can be exported from ConVirt to drive 3rd party billing and chargeback systems.

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