Solution: Quota and User Management for AWS

ConVirt provides an easy and flexible way for enterprise IT organizations to manage the usage and costs of their Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

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Who Is Using AWS, And How Much Is It Costing Us?

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an excellent public cloud pay-per-use infrastructure, many enterprises today are experiencing “AWS bill shock”. They are discovering multiple AWS accounts, or multiple users sharing a single AWS account, or some combination of both. They don’t know who is using what services, how much is being used, and what its costing the organization. And with many different management touchpoints into AWS, controlling user access and costs is next to impossible.

That’s why we developed a set of unique capabilities to directly address these problems, providing an enterprise-class platform to manage your AWS infrastructure. With ConVirt for AWS you can:
  • Centrally manage all your AWS accounts
  • Control user access via role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Define and enforce quota limits to manage costs and usage
  • Give your business customers self-service access to their AWS resources

The ConVirt Solution

ConVirt delivers enterprise-grade infrastructure management for Amazon Web Services, enabling you to manage your public cloud infrastructure the way you manage your on-premises virtualization today.

Centrally Manage All Your AWS Accounts
Bring all of your Amazon Web Services resources — compute, networking, and storage – together under a single pane of glass. See and manipulate all of your cloud servers in one place. Configure your networking resources such as elastic IP addresses, security groups, key management, block storage volumes and snapshots, all from a single management console.

Control User Access
ConVirt allows you to apply the same access control approach you use internally today to your AWS infrastructure in the cloud. ConVirt allows you to control which AWS resources your business customers can access, and which operations they can perform. This is essential when multiple business customers are managing the AWS infrastructure.

Define and Enforce Quota Limits to Manage Costs and Usage
ConVirt enables you to limit the compute, storage, network resources, regions, availability zones, instance types and templates that your business customers can access, ensuring that they do not go above the allocated quota. Each business customer you designate gets access to ConVirt’s highly interactive web-based user interface, where they can manage their virtual machines, templates, networks, and quota. From this console they can also continuously monitor their resource usage, including quota used vs allocated, Virtual Machines consuming high resources, and information about key pairs, security groups, and Public IPs.

Self-Service Access with Quota Control
ConVirt lets you delegate a quota-limited set of AWS resources to your business customers, and then lets them provision and manage these resources via a web-based self-service console. Learn more.

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