Solution: High Availability for KVM and Xen

ConVirt High Availability offers an easy-to-use, lightweight approach that ensures seamless recovery from Server and VM failures.

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Minimize Downtime from Server and OS Failures

Most organizations that need High Availability (HA) for open source KVM or Xen have two choices - either cobble together a solution using Linux clustering (which is disruptive, heavy weight and hard to manage), or pay for expensive stand-alone HA products.

ConVirt has built a unique, lightweight HA mechanism that lets you quickly configure HA for your server pools with an easy-to-use wizard within the ConVirt console. ConVirt HA provides cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized IT environment.

The ConVirt Solution

ConVirt High Availability monitors all the virtual machines and hosts in a server pool, and handles recovery of these resources.

Virtual machine failover
ConVirt continuously monitors the status of all of the virtual machines configured for high availability and automatically restarts them in case of failure, minimizing the downtime associated with operating system crashes.

Physical server failover
Whenever ConVirt detects that a physical server is down, it will automatically restart all of the virtual machines on other available servers in the server pool. When setting up high availability, there are two approaches you can use:
  • Standby server - you can designate dedicated standby servers to use for failover
  • Intelligent placement – you can use ConVirt’s intelligent virtual machine placement capabilities to optimize VM placements on other servers on the pool based on your pre-defined business objectives.
Because all the servers in the server pool use shared storage, virtual machines can be transparently placed on any servers in the pool. ConVirt also allows you to specify a priority level for each virtual machine so that in the event of resource crunch (multiple failures), virtual machines running critical functions can be made available first.

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