Solutions: Data Center Virtualization

If you are a data center administrator, you are likely under constant pressure to meet aggressive service level targets while adhering to an ever-tightening IT budget. At one time it was standard operating procedure to over-provision server capacity and take applications down for maintenance. These practices have no place in today’s data center, and operations have a very small margin for error.

Select the virtualization mix that is right for you; ConVirt has the management covered

As you have been evaluating virtualization platforms, it became clear that there is no one-size-fits-all virtualization technology. Instead, virtualization platform choice is often dictated by the underlying applications. This is the realization that made you anxious. What about management tools? Until recently, the only option you had was buying single-platform solutions from commercial virtualization vendors while developing management tools for open source virtualization platforms yourself. In other words, you were faced with your worst management nightmare.

ConVirt changes all that by delivering enterprise-grade management of heterogeneous virtualized datacenters that are based on any combination of open source and proprietary platforms. You select the right virtualization platform mix, and we provide a “single pane of glass” management tool that bridges the open source and proprietary divide.

Deploy open source virtualization platforms with confidence

When server virtualization first took the IT industry by storm, there was only one real solution on the market – VMWare. A lot has changed since then. Open source hypervisors have been a real alternative to VMWare for a while, but have lacked the management tools to be enterprise ready. ConVirt has changed that.

ConVirt Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade management for open-source virtualization platforms, such as Xen and KVM, enabling you to manage thousands of hosts and virtual machines in a highly scalable and secure fashion. With advanced automation features, such as high availability, backup and recovery, and dynamic workload management, ConVirt is the only tool on the market that delivers the same depth of virtualization management for open source virtualization platforms as was only previously available for proprietary solutions.

Get the best of all worlds – flexibility, cost savings, and management ease

When you choose a combination of open source Xen and KVM, with ConVirt Enterprise as the infrastructure management solution, you gain the highest level of manageability at the lowest total cost of ownership. And if you have deployed proprietary virtualization solutions, such as VMWare, in addition to Xen and KVM, ConVirt Enterprise is your ‘single pane of glass’ management tool that enables you to centralize visibility and control of your entire virtualized datacenter.

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