The ConVirt Advantage

Pool, Automate and Orchestrate Your Heterogeneous Infrastructure

ConVirt enables you to break down the silos that exist across your heterogeneous virtualization, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure. With ConVirt you can pool, automate and orchestrate your heterogeneous resources to eliminate your fragmentation problem:

  • Consolidate management with a "single pane of glass" across platforms - Use a single management console across your heterogeneous virtualization and internal cloud environments.
  • Manage, monitor and troubleshoot the full VM lifecycle from one console - Use a single management console for all of your day-to-day operations, from template-based provisioning to configuration, administration, monitoring and automation.
  • Orchestrate your heterogeneous server pools, storage, and networks from a single place - Pool and orchestrate your host server, virtual machines, storage and network tiers from a single console.
  • Extend your data center management to Amazon Web Services - From the same console, manage your external public clouds and apply all your enterprise governance and administrative processes.
  • Automate your infrastructure based on policy - Get high availability, backup and restore, and policy-based workload management out of the box.
  • Orchestrate and provision your resources with Virtual Data Centers - Simply declare your data center requirements, and ConVirt will automatically assemble and provision a Virtual Data Center from the available pool of compute, network, and storage resources in your data center and public clouds.

The Benefits of ConVirt

ConVirt gives you a tremendous competitive advantage. By pooling and automating your heterogeneous infrastructure, you can now start to deliver flexible, service-oriented IT that responds quickly to the needs or your business.

  • Stop throwing people at the problem - reduce your costs, keep your staff focused on higher value work, and leverage their standardized skills.
  • Be efficient - dramatically reduce the time and effort required to provision and re-configure your infrastructure
  • Reduce risk - eliminate service disruptions resulting from homegrown scripts and manual configuration errors
  • Be agile - accelerate time to value for launching critical new services, and enable faster response to changing business needs
  • Be secure - increase compliance and dramatically reduce the effort and time associated with audits
  • Raise the bar - fill capability gaps to improve the operations of every every hypervisor and cloud platform in your data center

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