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Enterprise clouds are the natural next step in the evolution of the virtualized data center, helping IT organizations become more efficient and deliver new business services with unprecedented speed. However, as an IT administrator, you are concerned about whether you can transition to the enterprise cloud model without creating a management nightmare for your staff. Most of the cloud solutions on the market take a rip-and- replace approach, requiring organizations to separate the infrastructure used to deliver cloud services from the rest of the virtualized environment. Administrators are expected to know upfront which workloads they will transition to the cloud model and how much capacity will be required to support cloud operations. This rigid model results in infrastructure and management silos, preventing dynamic allocation of compute resources in response to changing business priorities – which was the main value proposition for virtualizing your data center in the first place!

At Convirture, we understand that you need the flexibility to transition to the cloud operations model at your own pace. We know that you may not have a bullet-proof plan of how much capacity you will need to run the cloud. Instead, you need time to experiment and understand which of your workloads are best suited for the cloud, and then scale up your cloud operations accordingly. As your business demands change, you need a way to quickly repurpose your infrastructure from the cloud to traditional virtualized workloads and vice versa. And, of course, you are under constant pressure to minimize costs.

Manage your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud from a single management console

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to centrally manage your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud, giving you full visibility and management control across your entire environment. As your business demands change, you can quickly repurpose infrastructure between the cloud and traditional virtualized workloads. And, if you need to rely on Amazon EC2 for external capacity, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to fully control that deployment as well.

Seamlessly transition to the enterprise cloud, at your own pace

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud has been designed to make your transition to a private cloud as easy as possible. In fact, if you have virtualization deployed in your data center, you have all the technology you need to run a private cloud. ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to convert part of your existing infrastructure into a private cloud with a few simple clicks. And, if you need to re-allocate cloud resources back to traditional virtualized workloads, that’s a simple operation as well.

Build a secure, flexible, and optimized cloud

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud delivers all the key functionality necessary to run a secure and flexible enterprise cloud, including full multi-tenant security, resource limiting, advanced networking, self-service provisioning, and much more. Moreover, you can optimize your cloud resource usage in accordance with your business priorities, by defining high-level policies, such as "run the cloud in the power saving mode" or "distribute load evenly across the cloud".

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get the benefits of an enterprise cloud

With your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud running on Xen and or KVM, and with ConVirt Enterprise Cloud as the single management interface for all your virtualized infrastructure, you are assured the highest level of manageability at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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