Solution: Backup for OpenStack and KVM

Convirture Backup for OpenStack and KVM is an enterprise-grade backup and recovery product for your OpenStack and KVM environments.

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Backup – A Gap In The OpenStack Ecosystem

As enterprise adoption accelerates, organizations are looking at how to deploy OpenStack in a way that provides the agility and reliability needed to run critical enterprise workloads.

One of the key operational gaps in the OpenStack ecosystem today is backup and restore. Without the ability to meet backup and recovery objectives, minimize downtime and data loss, and ensure that data is always recoverable, it’s hard to imagine any enterprise moving into production with their OpenStack deployment. Traditional data protection vendors have not been successful in delivering backup solutions for OpenStack to date.

Convirture Backup for OpenStack and KVM

Convirture Backup for OpenStack and KVM (CBOK) is an enterprise-grade backup and recovery product for your OpenStack and KVM environments. It has been designed to protect your organizations' data through fast agentless backups, using multiple storage optimization technologies to minimize use of disk space. It extends the automated backup and restore capabilities found in our ConVirt Enterprise cloud management platform to OpenStack, with new capabilities to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption, shorten backup windows, and simplify the provisioning of backup services.

Automated, Policy-Based Backup
With CBOK, you define policies that govern how and when backups are done via an easy-to-use wizard. Policies can be defined at the compute pool or tenant level. Policy configuration options include:
  • Backup type
    • Full or incremental backups
    • Disk image or file-system backups
    • Hot or cold backups
  • Storage targets, including Swift, EC2 S3, SAN, NAS, local storage, or remote storage via SSH
  • Compression options
  • Retention policy, including mix of full and incremental backups retained
  • Schedule, including frequency and backup window
  • Target virtual machines to backup
  • Encryption options

CBOK allows you to have multiple, concurrently active policies, making it much easier to enforce organizational, line-of-business and tactical requirements with ease.

Optimized Storage, Bandwidth, and Compute
Backups are agentless and highly efficient, reducing the load on your VMs and hosts, as well as your network bandwidth and storage. CBOK leverages several key technologies to deliver this:
  • Incremental backups – using Changed Block Tracking, CBOK sends only unique changes over the network in order to minimize traffic and storage requirements.
  • Synthetic backups – running periodic active full backups can take up too much resource, time or bandwidth. CBOK enables you to consolidate the previous full backup and subsequent incremental backups into a new “synthetic” full backup file. The synthetic full backup file contains the same data you would have if you created a full backup in a regular manner.
  • Deduplication - to decrease traffic and disk space, data deduplication ensures that only unique data is backed up.
  • Data compression - multiple data compression options to allow you to find the right balance of storage consumption and job duration.
  • Backup proxy – scale your backup infrastructure by offloading the work to our backup proxy, which can optionally be used to process jobs and efficiently deliver backup data.
Fast, Reliable Recovery
CBOK provides a range of easy-to-use restore options to support different failure scenarios and recovery objectives:
  • One-click restore – browse a set of restore points, and recover a virtual machine with one click.
  • “Quick restore” – instead of waiting for the backup to be extracted from storage a provisioned in your production environment, you can start VMs directly from the backup store then migrate them to production.
  • File level recovery (FLR) - recover guest OS files and folders, on-the-fly, directly from an image-level backup—with no need to extract the virtual disks first.
Easy To Use
CBOK was designed to manage backups in the enterprise, with a web-based dashboard that provides visibility into backup status at the compute pool, tenant, and Virtual Machine level, including:
  • Backup policies
  • Failing backups
  • VMs without backup policies
  • Last successful backups
  • Total backup size
This backup dashboard gives you all the information you need to monitor backup status and intervene if needed.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Customers benefit from the low upfront cost of simple subscription licensing per CPU, reduced capital expense through storage and network-efficient backup, and low operating expense through automated management of backup services fully integrated with OpenStack. From an operations perspective, our Linux-based virtual appliance deployment makes the solution simple and affordable to install and configure, and an agent-less architecture makes it much easier to maintain than traditional backup solutions.

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