Solution: Backup and Restore for KVM and Xen

ConVirt Backup and Restore offers an easy-to-use, policy-based approach for enterprise-class data protection across your virtual machines and server pools.

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Easily Protect and Recover Your VM Data

KVM and Xen don’t come with native backup and restore tools, so organizations have traditionally had to cobble together scripts and chron jobs to protect their data. But as the demands of virtual environments drive exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows, and an increasing intolerance for downtime and data loss, these fragile manual approaches to data protection are no longer sufficient.

That’s why we developed ConVirt Backup and Restore, a flexible, policy-based backup and restore capability that provides:
  • scheduled, policy-based backup
  • fast, reliable recovery
  • centralized monitoring and visibility

The ConVirt Solution

ConVirt Backup and Restore provides reliable, policy based backups for virtual machines across your server pools without the need for scripting or agents.

Scheduled, policy-based backup
With ConVirt, you define backup policies that govern how and when backups are done via an easy-to-use wizard. Policies are defined at the server pool level, and can apply to all or a selected subset of VMs within the server pool. Policy configuration options include:
  • Hot or cold backups
  • Disk image or file content backups
  • Tar file and compression
  • Retention policy –indefinite, or for a specified number of days (with auto-deletion)
  • Storage destination – local or remote
  • Schedule
  • Target virtual machines to backup – all, or a specified set
On-Demand Backups
In addition to scheduled, policy-based backups, you can also take an immediate backup of a virtual machine by simply selecting “Backup Now” from the ConVirt management console.

Fast, reliable recovery
Restoring a virtual machine is easy with ConVirt. You can revert to either the last known state of a VM, or restore any of the earlier backups. Since ConVirt backs up both virtual machine state and storage, you are guaranteed to bring up the virtual machine in a consistent state.

Centralized monitoring and visibility
ConVirt was designed to manage backups in the enterprise, with a dashboard tab that provides visibility into backup status at Data Center, Server Pool as well as Virtual Machine level. On this tab you can see:
  • Backup policies
  • Failing backups
  • VMs without backup policies
  • Last successful backups
  • Total backup size
This backup dashboard on the ConVirt console gives you all the information you need to monitor backup status and intervene if needed.

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