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ConVirt comes in three editions:

  • ConVirt Open Source provides the core functionality for managing your virtualized environment
  • ConVirt Enterprise delivers advanced automation and scalability features necessary to run large scale or mission critical environments
  • ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to manage enterprise clouds side-by-side with traditional virtualized workloads

The table below provides a detailed feature comparison of the three editions, helping you select which one is right for you.

Feature ConVirt
Open Source
ConVirt Enterprise ConVirt Enterprise Cloud
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Multi-platform Support
Agent-less Architecture
Universal Web Access
Datacenter-wide Console
Enhanced Scalability

Start, Stop, Pause, Resume
Maintanence Mode
Change Resource Allocation on a Running VM

Real-time Data
Historical Information
Server Pools
Storage Pools
Alerts and Notifications

Templates-based Provisioning
Template Library
Integrated Virtual Appliance Catalogues
Thin Provisioning

Intelligent Virtual Machine Placement
Live Migration
Host Private Networking
SAN, NAS Storage Support

Advanced Automation
High Availability
Backup and Recovery
VLAN Integration
Storage Automation
Dynamic Workload Management

Enterprise Cloud Management
Virtualized-to-Cloud Conversion
Integration with Amazon Web Services
Virtual Datacenters
Resource Quotas
Full Multi-Tenant Security
Flexible Service Offerings
Advanced Networking
Public IP Management
Highly Available Cloud
Optimized Cloud Resource Usage
Integration with OpenStack
Integration with Eucalyptus

SSH Access
Multi-user Administration
Fine Grained Access Control
LDAP Support

Open Repository
Command Line Interface
Programmatic API
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