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ConVirt is a powerful management platform for administering and automating your heterogeneous virtualization and cloud infrastructure.

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Heterogeneous Virtualization Management

ConVirt is an enterprise-wide solution for managing your virtualization infrastructure, including host servers, virtual machines, and related network and storage resources. ConVirt provides full lifecycle management of this infrastructure, including provisioning, configuration, monitoring, administration, and advanced automation and orchestration. By providing standardized, enterprise-grade management across every hypervisor platform in the datacenter, ConVirt enables you to choose the right platform for each application, and build out your virtualized infrastructure in the most flexible and cost effective way.

Cloud Platform Management

ConVirt enables you to manage your private and public cloud infrastructure in a highly scalable and secure fashion the way you manage your on-premises virtualization today. By managing traditional virtualized workloads side-by-side with private, hybrid and public cloud operations, ConVirt allows you to bring cloud management into the datacenter so you can more effectively manage governance and usage, and quickly react to changing business priorities.

ConVirt Editions

  • ConVirt Open Source provides the core functionality for centrally managing your open source virtualized environment, including monitoring, configuration management, templates-based provisioning, and live migration. ConVirt Open Source is free to download and use, with support from Convirture available when you need it.
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  • ConVirt Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade management across heterogeneous virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen. ConVirt Enterprise extends ConVirt Open Source with advanced automation and scalability features necessary to run large scale or mission critical virtualization environments, including high availability, backup & restore, and dynamic workload management. ConVirt Enterprise is offered on a subscription basis, with global support delivered by Convirture.
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  • ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to manage your private or public clouds side-by-side with the rest of your virtualized environment. With ConVirt Enterprise Cloud, you can convert part of your virtualization infrastructure into a private cloud, you can manage your private cloud platforms (OpenStack or Eucalyptus), and you can bring your Amazon Web Services management into the data center, all under a "single pane of glass". ConVirt Enterprise Cloud is offered on a subscriptions basis, with global support delivered by Convirture.
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To compare the three editions side-by-side, please refer to the Compare Products Page.

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