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Virtualization Management Software Startup Joins OpenStack

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2011 - Convirture, maker of virtualization management software, announced today that it has joined the OpenStack initiative to contribute its resources and expertise to help move the project along and make it a success. The OpenStack initiative was designed to create freely available code, standards, and common ground for the benefit of both cloud providers and cloud customers.

Convirture is the company behind ConVirt, which is sophisticated, enterprise-grade software for managing virtualization and private-cloud environments based on open platforms such as Linux, Xen and KVM. The software is available both as free ConVirt Open Source, as well as a commercial version, ConVirt Enterprise, which adds advanced automation and scalability features.

OpenStack is an open source community backed by more than 75 participating organizations around the globe, many of which are contributing development resources, building products with or are deploying on the open source platform. “We are huge believers in making open source software available to benefit users,” said Arsalan Farooq, CEO of Convirture. “We recognize OpenStack is an important effort to propel consumers of cloud computing with freely available open source software and look forward to working with this industry group.”

About Convirture

Convirture was founded in 2006 to help organizations effectively manage open source virtualization platforms. More information is available at

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