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Convirture Brings Strong Momentum into 2011

2010's new products and customer acceptance provide platform for growth

SAN FRANCISCO, January 19, 2011 - Convirture, maker of virtualization management software, reported its most successful year ever with new products and partner initiatives, as well as significant user adoption and customer acceptance of both its free ConVirt Open Source and the commercial ConVirt Enterprise software versions.

ConVirt software provides sophisticated, enterprise-grade software for managing virtualization and private-cloud environments based on open platforms such as Linux, Xen and KVM.

"The launch of ConVirt 2.0 Open Source in February really hit a chord with anyone looking for a better way to manage Linux virtualization," said Arsalan Farooq, CEO of Convirture. "The new features, combined with our datacenter experience from versions 1.x drove an incredible amount of downloads and valuable contributions to the product, which provided a great launch pad for our Enterprise version later in the year."

In July 2010, Convirture released ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise, which added additional features to the open source version, including advanced automation features as well as private cloud management capabilities.

Farooq continued: "ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise really established that a management toolset for both Linux virtualization and private clouds based on Xen and KVM could be every bit as sophisticated as the toolsets that are available for proprietary, closed platforms like VMware vCenter. The feedback from customers has been extremely positive."

Other 2010 highlights include

  • ConVirt Open Source:
    • Surpassed 45,000 downloads of ConVirt Open Source with 15,000+ downloads of version 2.0 since launch in February
    • 2,000+ unique deployments
  • ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise:
  • The establishment of the Convirture partner program
  • A partnership with Canonical to deliver virtual machine and private cloud management on Ubuntu systems
  • Signed agreements with large solution provider partners and managed service providers
  • Signed distribution agreements with Linux kernel distributors

2011 Outlook

Over the next few months, Convirture plans to announce additional strategic and technology partnerships, along with new products and distribution alliances. "By building out our ecosystem and continuing to add features and capabilities to our core products, we will ensure that any IT manager seeking to grow their virtual and cloud environments on Xen and KVM will have the absolute best management capabilities and support in the industry. And that includes closed-source offerings," said Farooq.

About Convirture

Convirture was founded in 2006 to help organizations effectively manage open source virtualization platforms. More information is available at

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