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Convirture Brings Open-Source Based Virtual Machine and Cloud Management to VMware Users

- Beta now available for new version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud with VMware Support

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 28, 2012 - IT and data center managers looking for a single tool to manage all current and future virtual and cloud infrastructures, including those based on KVM, Xen, OpenStack, Amazon EC2 and now VMware, are invited to try the beta of the new version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud . the virtual and cloud management software from Convirture.

Beta of the new ConVirt Enterprise Cloud is available at

ConVirt is used by IT professionals worldwide to manage virtual data centers and cloud infrastructures. This new version adds VMware to the list of supported technologies. It is based on open source and provides sophisticated management capabilities to operators of heterogeneous data centers that employ multiple technologies and platforms, including major public and private clouds.

In its soon-to-be released fifth annual survey of more than 300 data center personnel in the U.S. and Europe, Gabriel Consulting Group found the amount of open source technologies . KVM and Xen . being used for x86 virtualization amounts to about 80 percent of the data centers surveyed, equivalent to those using VMware. Further, multiple hypervisors are a market reality with 60 percent of respondents expecting to use multiple hypervisors for the foreseeable future. Only a quarter said that they were looking to standardize on a single technology in the near future.

"As data centers increasingly deploy a mix of technologies, IT managers are looking for a 'single pane of glass' to manage all of them, which is what this version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud offers," said Arsalan Farooq, founder and CEO of Convirture. "From our perspective, the hypervisor and cloud wars are meaningless. Whether it's VMware, KVM, Xen and any of the clouds, organizations just want the best tool for the job."

Support for VMware ESXi and vCenter

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud manages VMware-based data centers that employ both ESXi and vCenter. In fact, for ESXi users, ConVirt offers central management capabilities that were only previously available by upgrading to vSphere.

"ESXi is a powerful platform but until now the only way to manage it to its full potential was by paying VMware for its management layer," said Farooq. "With ConVirt, we can provide users with a management layer that also brings in Xen, KVM and all cloud platforms. It will deliver the everyday needs for their ongoing, day-to-day management of virtual environments."

For organizations that are already using vCenter, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud works in concert with it. VCenter is still there for the more granular management needs, but ConVirt can handle many of the most commonly executed tasks.

New Feature Highlights

Some of the benefits of using ConVirt Enterprise Cloud to manage VMware deployments include:

* Unified virtual machine management - The ability to manage VMware, KVM and Xen platforms in a uniform way from a single console.
* Centralized Management of ESXi environment - With this release, users can manage their ESXi servers from a central console. ISO-based templates can be used to easily provision multiple virtual machines. Common virtual machine operations like start, stop and connect to VM console are provided within ConVirt.
* Day-to-day management of vCenter environment from ConVirt - Users can discover and manage vCenter deployments.
* Unified virtualization and cloud management - VMware users can centrally manage their virtual servers and cloud platforms, such as Eucalyptus, OpenStack, and Amazon, from a single console.


ConVirt Enterprise Cloud with VMware support is now available for beta download at Availability will be in the fourth quarter of 2012, at which time pricing will be announced.

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