Company: About Us

Convirture was founded to solve several acute challenges faced by an increasing number of businesses.

The challenge

When open source hypervisor packages gained functionality similar to their commercial counterparts, data centers and QA and test labs began deploying them. If you are among the companies who adopted open source virtualization in the early days, you’re familiar with the original problem we set out to solve: the labor-intensive process of manual systems management for virtualized data centers based on Xen, KVM or both.

We’ve now turned our focus to solving a new problem. Enterprise clouds are the next step in the evolution of the virtualized data center. However, depending on how a cloud is implemented, it can create a significant new challenge for a data center manager. Many standalone enterprise cloud solutions create new infrastructure silo’s by requiring you to dedicate resources to cloud services, walling them off from the resources devoted to your traditional virtualization.

Our mission: Reduce the TCO of your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud

Convirture’s mission is to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud. To achieve this we’ve delivered the ConVirt family of systems management solutions, which have been guided every step of the way by our core philosophy and values, which are outlined for you below.

Open source virtualization deserves enterprise-class management

We believe virtualization based on Xen, KVM or both deserves enterprise-class systems management. We know you need a full set of enterprise capabilities to keep your applications performing and your operations running smoothly. In fact, at the core of our philosophy is a belief that systems management should be independent of the platforms being managed, so that you are free to choose the platform that best suits each of your needs, on its own merits, with the ability to run and seamlessly manage a mix of virtualization platforms.

Your enterprise cloud should be an extension of your virtualization

One of the primary reasons you virtualized your data center in the first place was so you could dynamically allocate compute resources as your needs and business priorities change. We understand that you will continue to run traditional virtualization, even after you’ve built out and scaled up your enterprise cloud. As we see it, your enterprise cloud should simply be an extension of your traditional virtualization. That is, it should be based on the same virtualization platforms, share the same compute resources, and be managed by the same systems management application.

You should be able to manage your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud as an integrated whole

Our philosophy is that you should be able to devote compute resources where they are needed, when they are needed. This requires that you be able to manage resources seamlessly between your traditional virtualization and enterprise cloud. As business demands change, you should be able to quickly repurpose infrastructure between the cloud and traditional virtualized workloads.

You should be free to transition to the cloud at your own pace

We believe your transition to an enterprise cloud should be fluid, with plenty of time for experimenting. We believe you should be free to create a transition plan that meets your operational needs and maps to your resource levels and priorities, and that you can change at will.

You should be able to use the same solution to manage your public cloud resources

We know there may be times when you will need to acquire additional capacity, and it may make sense to get that capacity from a public cloud. We believe you should be able to use the same Convirture systems management solution to manage your public cloud resources as you are using to manage your resource mix in your traditional virtualization and private cloud.

We invite you to be part of our community

We believe our customers can derive significantly more strategic value from our products if we give you the means to experience and be part of the power of the community – sharing experiences, best practices, ideas, how to’s, and technical tips with other users. So please check out our user Forums and our other community resources. We encourage you to be an active member of the community, and tap into its magic. Since we are an integral part of that community, you get the opportunity to guide the future of our rapidly evolving product and company, and we get a chance to align closely with those who we serve – you, our customers.

Our customers

Convirture customers range in size from large businesses who use ConVirt to maintain high resource utilization and application performance in their data centers, to smaller development test labs who need to rapidly provision and tear down virtualized test environments. Some use ConVirt to manage traditional virtualization, while others use ConVirt to build out their enterprise cloud and manage the resource mix between their virtualized data center and cloud.

What is common across all our customers is the need to manage all your open source virtualized infrastructure – your traditional virtualization and enterprise cloud – with efficiency and ease. You came to us asking for a way to fluidly manage your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud in response to changes in application performance, all with limited resources. We hope we’ve exceeded your expectations, and contributed significant value to your business.

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